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At Alimentation Dynamic, meat is our thing!
That’s why we offer a full range of services, from importing, processing and packaging to distribution and export.

What’s more, our online interface lets you to manage your inventory remotely, 24/7. With a total surface area of over 72,000 sq. ft., our warehouses offer you the space you need, whatever your requirements.

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Good taste knows no boundaries
– nor do we.

The meat trade extends beyond borders, giving the Canadian market access to high-quality products from all four corners of the globe. It’s also an opportunity for the products from here to be successful abroad. However, these import activities require a high level of control so that your requirements are met from start to finish and your products are transported and delivered under optimum sanitary conditions.

Having been active in international markets for a long time, we have established a number of partnerships with suppliers recognized for their rigorous quality standards in Europe, the United States, Latin America, Asia, New Zealand and Australia.

Our import services aim to simplify, secure and speed up your transactions, while our experience and our in-depth knowledge of the markets and suppliers ensures you have peace of mind..

Deuxième service

Product development

Today, product development is an important activity for Alimentation Dynamic, who offers its clients the possibility of developing their own products as well as ensuring processing and distribution. From the design and development of recipes in our test kitchen to their production in our processing facilities, we have all the elements in place to develop successful products for major grocery store brands.

Innovation is part of our DNA, so we keep a close eye on market trends and consumer needs to design contemporary products that stand out for their quality and their originality. Each ingredient is carefully selected and each recipe is developed with care by our resident chef.

More than anything, we want to lead our clients to success. That’s why we also offer tasting, presentation, packaging design and many more services so that you can offer products that are as attractive as they are delicious.

Troisième service


Alimentation Dynamic is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities meeting the highest standards in the food industry, and we have recently invested in new processing rooms and equipment, allowing our teams to work efficiently and safely. From bulk production to the highest quality products, Alimentation Dynamic ensures the products it delivers meet the highest standards of its clientele and is constantly looking for new processes so it can offer the best value for money.

Quatrième service


Our frozen and refrigerated storage spaces comply with HACCP and FSSC 22000 food safety standards. You can therefore rest assured that all your products are kept in the utmost hygienic conditions. What’s more, our online interface allows you to manage your inventory remotely, 24/7. With a total surface area of more than 72,000 sq. ft., our warehouses offer you all the space you need, whatever your requirements.

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